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Samantha sw

Client Manager – Worcester, Gloucester
& Hereford

How long have you worked in this role? Two and a half years

What things do you love about your normal working day?

I love helping people and being able to provide my clients with the correct knowledge of our industry and how our testing works. As it is an intricate process, this ensures they have full confidence in me and the company for their testing needs.

It is so important to me to have strong, positive relationships with my clients, which is why I like to think I will always go above and beyond to take as much of the pressure and workload off my clients as possible. By doing this they know that if they need anything at all, they can always rely on me to get it sorted for them as quickly and as smoothly as I possibly can.

What attracted you to work at Lextox?

Safeguarding of children is very important to me and because it is paramount in everything that we do every day at Lextox, I knew that working with this company would ensure that I am always making a positive change.

I want to make a difference to peoples lives and putting my clients at the heart of everything I do, ensures I can make those differences.