About Us

Lextox Drug and Alcohol Testing was established in the UK, by experts from within the UK industry. Our aim is to provide our clients with the most reliable results and the most responsive client oriented service for family law solicitors and child care proceedings.

Lextox Drug & Alcohol Testing is one of the leading specialist hair drug and alcohol testing laboratories and is trusted by over 9,000 family law solicitors and social workers across the UK.

We are an ISO 17025 UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory (No. 7516), continually researching and developing new methods and services enabling our clients to receive the most appropriate scientific evidence for their casework.

Our broad range of services together with our experts’ combined experience of over 50 years, makes Lextox the trusted choice for over 9,000 solicitors and local authorities across the UK. Our clients know that when they work with us they receive the market leading professional service within the industry.

Lextox experts provide Analysis and Expert Reports for the courts, solicitors and local authorities involved in family law cases and child care proceedings, within a market leading sample analysis time of 5 working days on average.

Lextox is a member of the SYNLAB Group, the leading medical diagnostic services provider in Europe. Find out more about our parent company, visit www.synlab.co.uk.