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What our clients say about us

We have worked closely with family law professionals, local authorities and social workers since we began in 2011, providing an industry leading service in drug and alcohol testing.

Here’s what some of them had to say about their experiences with Lextox:

“We use Lextox regularly for DNA and drug testing services. I always feel that I get very good service from Lextox and the level of communication I have with Celyn Spencer is brilliant!”

“Any queries I have are always promptly responded to and we have a very good rapport.

“All the staff I have encountered have been very professional, friendly and put our families at ease with the process. I highly recommend this service and will definitely choose Lextox over other service providers!”

Sandwell Children’s Trust

“I’ve always found Lextox to be fast, proactive, and excellent communicators. When I’ve needed a quick quote in the middle of court proceedings, they have done all they could in the moment to provide me with the information I or the Court need. I have always found their advice to be sound and reliable. Highly recommend.”

Chase Morgan Solicitors

Lextox are always my first choice of hair testing provider as I find the referral process the most straight forward, they respond quickly and I like the reports. I know Lextox will pull the stops out to help if there is a problem.”

Gateshead Council

“I have instructed Lextox for a number of years now. I have  found them to be efficient, reliable and courteous and always happy to deal promptly with any follow-up enquiries.”

Alistair Banks, consultant with Edwards Duthie Shamash.

“I have always used Lextox as our preferred company for the testing of our clients. Everyone at Lextox are extremely helpful and I always recommend Lextox to everyone. Our client manager is also very helpful whenever I have queries or even if I have made a mistake on a form, he is quick to resolve matters for me. A very professional and fabulous company to deal with. We would never go anywhere else.”

Phillips Solicitors