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Our clients

Our clients

We work closely with family law solicitors and local authorities to provide industry leading drug and alcohol and DNA testing for child protection cases.

We can also provide testing services for a variety of industries including sports, logistics, maritime and more.

Our highly trained laboratory experts can give you clear and detailed advice on which testing service will best suit your case or organisation.


Solicitors nationwide use Lextox services in family law and child protection cases .

Our drug and alcohol testing solutions are used in wide variety of cases, including residence and contract resolutions, adoption and guardianship, or for the involvement of social services. In these, and many other types of cases, a hair drug and alcohol test can be an invaluable piece of evidence that will help law professionals make the most informed decisions.

Local authorities and social services

We work with local authorities from all over the UK in tender/framework agreements in both pre-proceedings and in-proceedings to support in assessing a parent or carer’s drug and alcohol use.

Other industries

Our drug and alcohol testing services can be utilised in a variety of sectors. If you’d like to discuss options for your organisation, please click here.

Contact us today to discuss all your workplace drug and alcohol testing needs.