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Information for donors

Information for donors

Lextox is an independent testing laboratory and we only accept instructions and questions on the testing process or analysis results from solicitors, social workers, local authority family teams and other relevant businesses. We are not in a position to take instructions from individual donors.

This means that all communication must come from the solicitor or social worker that has instructed us to undertake the testing. In some instances, we may contact you directly to arrange a sample collection appointment, if asked to do so by the instructing party. As such, we will only discuss the sample collection appointment with you and any further communication on the analysis process or results must only come from the solicitor or social worker.

By only receiving instructions from legal representatives/social workers and by only reporting the results to the solicitor/social worker; this ensures the results are issued to the correct party and that they are used within the context of legal proceedings.  In addition, this maintains our independence in the testing process and the integrity of the results, which can stand up to rigorous cross-examination.

In the event that your results are not what you were expecting, we recommend that you contact your legal representative who can submit questions in writing to our team of experts. Our response will be issued to the solicitor or social worker who can discuss the response with you.

Should you have any questions regarding the results and do not currently have legal representation, please contact the party who instructed us to undertake the testing.

We understand that drug, alcohol and DNA testing can be a difficult and worrying time for donors and their families and the significance our results can have on family law and child protection casework. Following the above guidance will ensure that the information we provide is used appropriately, is legally defensible and used within the context of your case.