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Lextox drug and alcohol testing

At Lextox, we provide hair drug and alcohol testing, blood alcohol testing, DNA testing and SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring®  primarily for family law cases and childcare proceedings.

Lextox was founded in 2011, by industry experts to provide an unparalleled, client focused and industry leading drug and alcohol testing service.

Since Lextox’s inception, we have and continue to set the bar for quality service and have built a client base of over 17,000 family law professionals and local authorities across the UK.


A five minute phone call is all it takes to instruct Lextox, and samples are usually collected within 48 hours.


Quality underpins everything we do at Lextox. Continual research and development of new methods and services means our clients receive the most appropriate scientific evidence for their casework.


Comprehensive results and expert reports written by our team of reporting scientists, with over 100 years’ combined experience.

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