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Submitting questions on results

Expert analysis and submission of questions

At Lextox, our expert reports interpret and explain test results clearly and succinctly to help you make critical decisions.

However, should you have any queries on the results, our team of experts are here to help.

Questions can be put in writing and emailed to [email protected], quoting the laboratory sample number. Alternatively, a phone call can be arranged with one of our experts to discuss the results.

Questions on the results should be submitted by the instructing party.

The steps for submitting questions on results are detailed below:

Step 1:

Once the questions have been agreed by the parties, please submit via email to [email protected]. If there is a specific court order relating to your query please include this within your email.

Step 2:

A member of our team will acknowledge your query and provide any additional information, for example if any applicable charges are incurred.

Step 3:

Our experts will consider your query and an electronic response will be issued accordingly. The response will be issued on a Lextox branded letterhead, enabling you to submit this information to the court if required and the email containing a feedback link.

Step 4:

Please click on our feedback link to help us improve our service or to provide feedback on what we have done well.

Lextox can only liaise with legal professionals and social workers to ensure that the information we provide is used appropriately and within the context of legal proceedings. Individual donors are requested to contact their legal representative, further information for donors can be found here.

In cases where Lextox receives questions regarding results from a split party, we will initially contact the instructing party to obtain their consent to proceed.

Should you have any further questions or points which require clarification please do not hesitate to contact our team.