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In family law, children law and child protection case work, solicitors use hair drug and alcohol testing to help identify parental substance misuse over a period of months. Hair testing is useful when trying to assess a parent’s lifestyle, potential home life for the child or compliance to drug treatment orders.

Whether the testing is used for residence and contact resolutions, adoption and guardianship or for involvement of social services, a hair drug and alcohol test can provide crucial evidence to help make informed decisions.

We provide a number of different testing options that are available and can be tailored for each specific case. These include hair drug and alcohol testing and blood alcohol testing. Our laboratory staff are on hand to best advise you on the options available so that you get appropriate drug and alcohol testing for your case.

Local Authorities

In child protection and child welfare casework, you may feel it is important to assess a parent’s drug and alcohol use when making decisions that affect the lives of children.

A hair drug and alcohol test can provide an indication of substance use over a period of months as opposed to days that oral fluid and urine analysis can provide. Using a single hair test can profile an individual’s drug use over a 3 month period. To obtain the same information from using oral fluid and urine testing, the tests will have to be done at least twice a week, every week for the whole 3 month period.

Hair is a non-invasive and simple sample to take, the donor has to provide only two samples and a historic profile of substance use can be obtained.

We work with a number of Local Authorities across the UK in both pre-proceedings and in-proceedings work and as part of tender/framework agreements, so understand the importance of working to your strict deadlines.

We are currently in framework agreements with several local authorities, including:

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