Hair Drug Testing

Hair Drug Testing for illegal drugs, Psychoactive Substances (‘Legal Highs’), Spice and substances of abuse

  • Legally defensible Analysis Results and Expert Reports accepted in every UK family court issued in 4 working days on average
  • Quality assured ISO 17025 UKAS accredited testing and analysis in accordance with the Society of Hair Testing internationally agreed standards
  • A dedicated Client Support team to manage your case from start to finish committed to meeting your deadlines
  • Direct contact with our experts with over 50 years combined experience in hair drug and alcohol testing
  • Competitive pricing in accordance with LAA codified rates

Hair Drug Testing Explained

Hair grows at an average rate of 1cm per month; therefore a 3cm section of scalp hair can provide an approximate 3 month retrospective profile of drug use. Due to the growth rate, hair provides a unique window of detection covering months rather than days that urine or oral fluid analysis can show.

When a drug enters the body, it is transported via the blood stream and incorporated into the hair follicle. As the hair grows, it incorporates trace amounts of drugs in the hair shaft. To avoid confusion, we analyse samples of the hair strand for traces of drugs, not the hair follicle. The hair follicle is a small tubular cavity within the skin that contains the root of the hair.

Our experts analyse hair samples to detect these trace amounts of drugs and their metabolites (a substance produced by the body when a drug is taken and can be used to show direct usage). From our laboratory analysis we can provide an expert interpretation on the levels of drugs detected, all in 5 working days or less of receiving the hair sample.

Can body hair be used for drug testing?

If no scalp hair is available, then body hair or facial hair can be used. Body and facial hair grow at the same average rate of 1cm per month, however it has a different growth cycle to that of scalp hair, meaning that a greater proportion of the hair remains on the body or face in its resting (non-growing) or telogen phase. For this reason, body or facial hair samples are analysed as a whole sample and are unable to be segmented into a month by month analysis.

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