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10 Questions in 10 Minutes – Emily Rees, Reporting Scientist

At Lextox our Reporting Scientists play an integral part in the drug and alcohol testing process, interpreting results and translating them through easy to understand Expert Reports.

We spoke to Reporting Scientist Emily Rees, who answered 10 questions in 10 minutes about her role at Lextox and how her job has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How long have you worked at Lextox?

Since July 2014, so for 6 years now.

What was your job before this?

I finished my MSc in Analytical and Forensic Science in 2013 and then started at Lextox in July 2014. I did three science A-levels and always knew I wanted to go into the science profession. After looking up courses to study at university, the Forensic Science course appealed to me due to its laboratory and practical-based sessions. Before working at Lextox, I worked at Cardiff International Airport.

Tell me about your role at Lextox?

I started at Lextox working in the laboratory as a Laboratory Analyst. I then progressed into the reporting team. As a Reporting Scientist, I issue the results for each individual case and provide interpretation of the results that can be used in court.

What do you enjoy most about it?

The variety of the cases. No case is ever the same. It’s a good profession as hair testing is ever evolving, and research is continually being carried out to improve the methods used and to improve the interpretation of results, which enables Experts to build and develop their knowledge.

What do you think sets Lextox apart from the competition?

The customer service we offer is second to none.

How does the Reporting team contribute to this?

The reporting team aims to meet any deadlines and court dates and is also able to help answer any client queries. As Experts we are able to interpret analysis results so they are easy to understand, clients regularly compliment us on the quality and clarity of our reports.    

What qualifications are required to become a reporting scientist?

A degree in a relevant subject. Experience is always a bonus.

Has COVID-19 impacted the way that you work?

Yes. Our reporting team was 100% office based prior to COVID-19. However many of the team are currently working remotely at home, with the help and support of the reporting administration team.

How has Lextox changed since you joined?

Lextox has grown so much since I joined the business in 2014. As our client base has grown so has our team, office and laboratory space in line with this. Today we are the preferred partner to over 12,000 family law professionals across England and Wales.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Friendly, conscientious and hard working.

Published 09/10/20 – All information correct at time of publication