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8 Reasons to Use a Sample Collector over a Drop in Centre

Family law solicitors and local authorities are offered a range of hair and blood sample collection options for drug and alcohol testing.  This includes in doctor’s surgeries, at the donor’s home using sample collectors and via an increasing number of drop in centres.

Lextox has always recommended using trained, professional sample collectors at the client’s office and last year doubled its team across the UK to facilitate this.  Here’s why:

  1. Peace of mind: You can witness the sample being collected from your client. This provides peace of mind that the sample has been taken and collected correctly.
  2. Donor verification: You can verify that the sample is being collected from the right person. While photographic identification is required in a drop in centre, if there are any issues over identity, they can be picked up immediately, rather than post analysis.
  3. Prevent delays: If the donor has any questions, you are there to help answer these – in context to the case – which can prevent any delays with sample collection and therefore analysis.
  4. Sample speed: Using a collector, your sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis that day. This speeds up delivery, and in turn, the issuing of analysis results and expert reports.
  5. Fully defensible results: You can observe and verify that chain of custody procedures are completed, so the result is legally defensible in court. This includes obtaining written donor consent to provide a sample for analysis and ensuring samples are sealed in protective packaging.
  6. More control: The collection appointment can be linked with a solicitor/social worker appointment, giving you more control over the sample collection taking place on the agreed date, at the agreed time.
  7. Alternative options: In the event that your client has no scalp hair, you can be there to understand, and make a decision on, alternative analysis options which can be provided to the court. For example, collecting a body hair sample (underarm, chest or leg) for drugs, or a blood sample for alcohol analysis.
  8. Professional service: Using collectors, you are using handpicked, fully trained professionals in hair and blood sample collection, specifically for drug and alcohol analysis. This reduces errors, for example hair samples being underweight, which can cause delays with analysis results.

In summary, drop in centres may offer what appears to be a fast, convenient option, but in reality, this approach can delay turnaround times on analysis results and Expert Reports.

At Lextox we offer a responsive and professional sample collection service for family law and child care proceedings, across the UK. All of our professional sample collectors are fully trained in the collection of hair, blood and DNA samples.

For more information or to arrange a sample collection appointment, please call us on 029 2048 4141 or email us [email protected].

Published 09/08/18 – All information correct at time of publication