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Coronavirus (COVID-19): How Lextox is Responding

As the risk and impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) increases across the United Kingdom, we wanted to provide you with an update on the steps Lextox is taking to protect its staff, clients and donors while limiting disruption to business and the services we offer.

Business Continuity

Lextox has a business continuity plan in place to adequately prepare for and allow us to continue to function in the event of unforeseen circumstances which fall outside of our control.

In addition to our business continuity plan, regular risk assessments are being undertaken and practical steps put in place as the coronavirus situation changes.

We will endeavour to continue to deliver our range of services in full and on time. In the event that this changes, clients will be informed.

Sample Collections

At this point in time, we can confirm that Lextox will continue to arrange and attend sample collection appointments within our usual target 48 hours’ notice. Please note the following important points:

Booking Sample Collection Appointments

When booking sample collection appointments, this is being done on the basis that the donor and/or client representative attending the appointment:

  • Have not recently returned from a high risk COVID-19 affected country and been advised to self-isolate
  • Have not been diagnosed with the virus
  • Are not displaying symptoms of the virus
  • Are not currently self-isolating

We are asking clients to advise us in advance if this is not the case.

Sample Collection Locations

Lextox is currently able to collect hair, blood and DNA samples from the following locations:

  • Solicitor or Local Authority Offices
  • GP premises

Please note that until further notice, sample collections cannot take place at donor home addresses. This is in line with the government’s guidance on self-isolation.

Personal Protection Equipment

Our national ‘field based’ team of Sample Collectors are being equipped with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) which can be used should the government mandate it, or at the Sample Collector’s discretion.

Following Group and Government Advice

A Member of SYNLAB Group, Lextox is following guidance from our parent company and the government to keep staff safe and well, while limiting the spread of coronavirus.

The latest NHS guidelines are being shared with office, laboratory and field based staff around good hygiene practice, travel and self-isolating.

In line with Group guidelines, unfortunately we have had to cancel all non-critical business travel between now and the end of April. This does mean that we won’t be at some national events over the next few months, will have to re-schedule planned CPD seminars and provide court evidence via phone.

Lextox is closely monitoring and as far as possible proactively managing the risks associated with coronavirus. We will continue to keep clients informed of any changes to services, in the meantime we thank them for their ongoing support and ask that they email [email protected] with any questions they have.

Published 18/03/20 – All information correct at time of publication