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Five benefits of a dedicated client manager

When you need a drug, alcohol or DNA test, our client managers are the first port of call. At Lextox, your case will be managed end-to-end by a single point of contact to save you time and ensure consistent communication throughout.

From the moment you instruct your client manager, the hard work is taken away from you as we handle the collection, analysis and final report so you can devote more time to your casework.

The importance of a client manager:

1. Single point of contact

Our vast team of client managers cover the whole of the UK, which means you will be assigned a single point of contact who is an expert in your area. Whether you have questions on the drug and alcohol testing process, need to change an appointment, or anything else pertinent to your case, you will only ever deal with one dedicated individual who understands all your requirements.

2. Booking appointments with donors

Our vast experience in testing for childcare proceedings means we understand the varied and vital demands of our clients. We know you’re busy so, once instructed, your client manager will take on the admin of arranging a suitable appointment for sample collection.

3. Support with analysis, pricing and referral forms

The drug, alcohol and DNA testing process can be daunting, especially if you’re new to family law, but we have plenty of in-house experts, ready to support. No matter your question, your personal client manager will liaise with the relevant Lextox division to ensure your questions are answered correctly and quickly.

4. Advice on testing types

We offer an extensive range of drugs analysis for hair testing and appreciate that it can be a complex area to navigate. Since our founding in 2011, we have worked across thousands of family law cases and so our team will always be ready to advise on the best types of test for your case.

5. Regular updates during the process

We’re aware that all our cases have important file-by dates that must be met and so it’s important you’re kept up to date during the entire process. You’ll know exactly when the sample has been collected, when it arrives in the lab and when the analysis report is ready. And if you need to know anything else, we’ll be on-hand for that, too.

At Lextox, we firmly believe the only item that needs to be on your checklist is a client manager. To find yours, click here.

Published 24/04/24 – All information correct at time of publication