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Providing Expert Interpretation on Drug and Alcohol Testing

One of the most common reasons family law solicitors and social workers choose Lextox for hair drug and alcohol testing instructions is due to our Expert Reports.

An Expert Report from us will provide an interpretation of the results to help you understand what the results mean. We ensure that our reports interpret and explain the results clearly and succinctly to help you make the critical decisions that affect lives.

Expert Reports Written by Experts

Our team of Expert Witnesses who write our Expert Reports have extensive knowledge in interpreting hair drug and alcohol results as well as having the crucial laboratory experience that underpins their knowledge. The team have several years of laboratory and reporting experience of analysing samples and undertaking biological extraction and assessment techniques in accordance to ISO 17025 UKAS testing standards, which compliments their scientific degrees.

The whole team are members of a variety of professional, industry-recognised bodies including the Society of Hair Testing, The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists. In addition, they are all Bond Solon court trained, meaning that following receipt of the Expert Report, they are able to attend court to explain the testing results, including the sample analysis and chain of custody procedure.

Three of our more experienced Reporting Scientists each have fifteen years’ experience in forensics and drug testing including giving evidence in Family, Crown and High Courts, with their competence endorsed by the courts*.

Direct Access to Experienced Reporting Scientists

Should you have any queries on the results upon receiving the Expert Report, our team of Expert Reporting Scientists are on hand to discuss the results with you and explain any outcomes that you require clarification on. This clarification will be received in writing on Lextox branded stationary which means that you are able to submit this additional information as part of your information for the court.

“Lextox report promptly, dealing with queries that arise without delay.”

Kay Perrott / Partner, Everett Tomlin Lloyd &Pratt

Clear and Concise Interpretation

There is no doubt that the Expert Reports written by our team of Reporting Scientists are not only fit for purpose, but go above and beyond to ensure that when you receive the Analysis Results for your case, you are also receiving a clear and concise interpretation of these to understand and present as evidence.

To instruct hair drug or alcohol testing and include an Expert Report with your Analysis Results, you can request a quote here or call 029 2048 4141 to speak with your dedicated Client Support Team.

Published 02/07/18 – All information correct at time of publication