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The Importance of Receiving Expert Analysis on Drug and Alcohol Testing

At Lextox, our trusted laboratory team can provide an expert review on drug and alcohol testing for any purpose.

Why is it essential to get an expert review on drug and alcohol testing?

Expert Interpretation

It is crucial to get an expert interpretation of drug and alcohol testing that thoroughly explains the test results(s) so the reader knows what they mean. This interpretation includes an analysis of the sample, how it was carried out, and details of the chain of custody to ensure the test was handled correctly and can be trusted.

Professional companies like ours can provide this information for you. At Lextox, we are members of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT). We are Bond Solon trained and can use our extensive experience and knowledge to provide sound forensic toxicology advice for any case. In addition, we ensure that our Expert Reports interpret and explain the results clearly and succinctly to help make the critical decisions that affect lives.

Can Be Used in Court Proceedings

If you need to use drug and alcohol test results as part of a court case (for example, in Family Law), it’s vital to have the results interpreted by an expert to provide detailed analysis. The court can use Expert Reports and written analysis as background information to help them make informed decisions on important matters.

Our Reporting Scientists have a wealth of experience, having published work and given evidence in High Court. For example, one of our Reporting Scientists gave extensive evidence in a landmark child custody case in which The Honourable Mr Justice Peter Jackson highlighted the importance of increased awareness of hair testing for all participants in the system.

Expert Witnesses for Court Cases

Here at Lextox we have a team of Expert Witnesses who are court trained and can attend court to provide their analysis in person. Having an Expert Witness attend court can give a more emphatic and comprehensive analysis, as it is interactive. The expert can be asked and will answer questions regarding the results and their meaning.

Analysis Backed up by Experience

Our Laboratory Analysts and Reporting Scientists team includes some of the most experienced individuals in the industry, who routinely analyse and report over 1000 family law cases every month. All our experts are familiar with biological extraction and assessment techniques under ISO 17025 UKAS testing standards.

If you’re ready to get an expert review on drug and alcohol testing, Lextox is here to help. Whether for hair drug testing, hair alcohol testing or blood alcohol testing, we have the proper test and a team of experts ready to assist. So, to find out more, order a test, or ask any questions, please get in touch by calling 029 2048 4141 or emailing [email protected], and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Published 01/04/23 – All information correct at time of publication