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Lextox Guide to Sample Collections

At Lextox, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our Collection Technicians. In this blog we explore all you need to know about our hair, blood and DNA sample collections.

Lextox Awarded UKAS Accreditation for 8th Consecutive Year

Lextox has received official confirmation from UKAS that their accreditation to the internationally recognised standard ISO 17025 has been achieved and maintained for an eighth consecutive year.

Certificate of Analysis vs Expert Report

Understanding the scientific interpretation of test results can be challenging. In this blog, we take a detailed look at both a Certificate of Analysis and an Expert Report to provide a clearer understanding of what you can expect for each.

Prescription or Problem?

With the number of prescriptions dispensed increasing; consequently there is a tangible increase in the number of addictions as a result of prescription medication.

In this blog, we take a closer look at the scope of the problem surrounding prescription drugs in the UK and the testing options recommended for family law cases.

Client Education

At Lextox, we’re committed to delivering responsive, reliable results. One way we achieve this is through client education. We provide a range of options to remain up to date with the latest information in a way and at a time that suits you.

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing vs Hair Alcohol Testing

At Lextox, we provide a range of options to determine alcohol use, including hair and blood testing and SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing. Our latest blog provides information on the key differences between SCRAM Testing and hair alcohol testing.

Lextox Continues to Promote Increased Awareness on Hair Testing

Lextox has announced that it will continue to increase awareness and knowledge of hair testing, by once again offering free CPD seminars to barristers' chambers and family law professionals.

Understanding Reporting Cut-off Levels

In the past, we have been asked by clients for more information on our reporting cut-off levels. This blog aims to explain their significance to hair drug and alcohol results.

Happy New Year from Lextox

Before we dive into another busy year, we’d like to share our review of 2018 and what clients can expect in 2019.

Lextox Announces Partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council

Lextox Drug & Alcohol Testing today announced that it has secured a three year contract for drug, alcohol and DNA testing services for Nottinghamshire County Council, with the possibility of extending this by a further two years.