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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to family law or looking to refresh your knowledge, we can help you remain up to date with the latest drug and alcohol testing information in a way and at a time that suits you.

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions on Hair Drug and Alcohol, Blood Alcohol, DNA Relationship, SCRAM™ Continuous Alcohol Testing and Sample Collections. To view the answer, please click on the question.

Hair Drug Testing

What time period can a hair drug test cover?

Can body or facial hair be used if no scalp/head hair is present?

What’s the difference between a month by month analysis and an overview?

What drugs can you detect?

How soon after a drug was taken can it be detected in the hair?

How quickly can I receive the results of a hair drugs test?

Hair Alcohol Testing

What are Ethyl Palmitate (EtPa) and EtG?

What are the differences between Ethyl Palmitate (EtPa) and EtG? Why should both be used together?

How do Ethyl Palmitate (EtPa) & EtG get into hair?

What is classed as chronic excessive alcohol use?

Can the alcohol in hair test show alcohol abstinence?

Can Body Hair be Used for Alcohol Testing?

What is the time period that an alcohol in hair test can cover?

Can you do segmental analysis with the alcohol hair test similar to the drug hair test?

Can body hair be used for alcohol testing if no head hair is present?

Can bleaching or dyeing the hair affect the levels of alcohol markers detected?

Do the levels of Ethyl Palmitate (EtPa) and EtG detected in the hair sample equate to units of alcohol consumed?

Blood Alcohol Testing

How long will the blood alcohol results take?

What time period can blood alcohol testing cover?

Why are LF and CDT testing used in conjunction?

What is PEth Testing?

Who can take a blood sample?

What time period can LF and CDT blood testing cover?

DNA Relationship Testing

How quickly will I receive the test results?

I’m unsure as to which test I require to fit the circumstances, what should I do?

How are the DNA samples taken?

From what age can a child be tested?

What is ‘Peace of Mind’ testing and do you offer it?

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

How does SCRAM test an individual’s alcohol consumption?

Are you able to detect whether the bracelet has been obstructed and/or tampered with?

Do Lextox fit/install the SCRAM bracelet?

For how long does the SCRAM bracelet need to be worn?

How disruptive is wearing the SCRAM bracelet to day to day life?

Does the Base Station require a phone line in the participant’s home?

How does the Base Station gather alcohol readings from the participant?

Can the SCRAM bracelet detect the difference between consumed alcohol and other external environmental factors

Sample Collections

What sample types can the collectors take?

Can the collectors take body hair samples?

What ID documentation will the donor need at the time of the sample collection?

How much hair will be taken?

What should our clients do to prepare the donors for the hair sample collection?

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