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Expert Reports

Experts Working to Your Time Frame

  • Expert Reports written by our own team of laboratory based UK experts with over 50 years combined experience
  • Useful for court in detailing the chain of custody procedures and considers case specific information such as the use of medications and hair treatments
  • Providing a clear expert interpretation ensuring you understand the report
  • You have direct contact with our experts should you require further clarification on the analysis results

Providing Expert Interpretation on Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our panel of expert witnesses have extensive knowledge in interpreting hair drug and alcohol results as well as having the crucial laboratory experience that underpins their knowledge.

All of our expert witnesses have spent considerable time in a laboratory analysing samples and are familiar with biological extraction and assessment techniques in accordance to ISO 17025 UKAS testing standards.

An Expert Report from us will provide an interpretation of the results to help you understand what the results mean. We ensure that our Expert Reports interpret and explain the results clearly and succinctly to help you make the critical decisions that affects lives.

Our expert witnesses are able to attend court to explain the testing results, including the sample analysis and chain of custody. We are Bond Solon trained and are able to use our experience and knowledge to provide sound forensic toxicology advice for your case.

“Reports contain all of the analysis the court requires”

Suzannah Hargreaves, Harrow Council

Certificates of Analysis

If an Expert Report is not required for court purposes, we can provide the results in the format of a Certificate of Analysis. This will list the drugs and analytes that we have analysed and indicate if they have been detected or not detected.

Certificates of Analysis are still reviewed and issued by our scientists and further interpretation in the form of an Expert Report can be requested at a later stage.

Lextox Expert Witness Court Attendance Form

At present, our experts are only able to provide evidence via remote video link or telephone.

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