Sample Collections

Responsive UK wide sample collections

  • You have designated sample collectors ensuring that we can arrange a sample collection appointment convenient to you and your client – not just when our collector is in your area.
  • Sample collection appointments arranged immediately and usually collected within 48 hours’ notice – by the UK’s most responsive professional sample collection service
  • Hair, blood and DNA samples can be collected in one collection appointment ensuring convenience for you and the donor
  • Our fully trained healthcare professionals follow strict chain of custody procedures giving you peace of mind that the samples are collected correctly
  • Collections at a location of your choice to best suit you and the donor

Ensuring Correct and Efficient Hair and Blood Sample Collections

We have a network of UK wide sample collectors that are specifically trained in the collection of biological samples.

Our collectors are trained to follow strict chain of custody protocols to ensure that the sample is taken correctly and efficiently. Using a Lextox Collector gives you peace of mind that the sample will be collected sensitively and sympathetically to ensure minimal discomfort to the donor.

We pride ourselves on the trust and expertise of our Collection Professionals. The collection process is an integral aspect of the whole sample analysis process. To ensure the analysis is right first time, it is imperative the sample collection is right first time.

“[Lextox] are able to arrange sample collection appointments at short notice which is helpful when dealing with urgent cases” – Victoria Saurin, Bedford Borough Council.

“When my client didn’t turn up to have a hair sample taken, Lextox were quick to act! Their Collector accompanied me to a new location to obtain a sample, saving time and money. Great client service!” – Carol Lloyd-Morris, Bastian Lloyd Morris LLP.

What sample types can the collectors take?
Our collectors are able to take hair and blood samples for the detection of drugs and alcohol. All of our collectors are fully trained in the chain of custody procedures and sample collection to ensure the sample is taken correctly to prevent analysis delays.
Can the collectors take body hair samples?
Our collectors are able to take hair from the underarm (axilla), chest and leg as well as pubic hair.
What ID documentation will the donor need at the time of the sample collection?
The donor needs to be able to prove their identity at the time of the sample collection to ensure that we are collecting the sample from the correct person. A driving licence, passport or another form of photographic ID will be required.
How much hair will be taken?
We require a minimum weight of hair to successfully undertake drug and/or alcohol analysis. If the hair sample falls below our recommended weight, the sensitivity of the test may be compromised.

For drug analysis we require a minimum of 10mg per section. For alcohol analysis, a minimum of 20mg per alcohol marker.

Due to the nature of hair testing, samples have to be collected as close to the scalp as possible. Our sample collectors are fully trained to collect sufficient sample while minimising the impact on the donor. This includes cutting the hair with scissors and where possible taking it from the crown of the head to allow the remaining hair to cover the sample site.
What should our clients do to prepare the donors for the hair sample collection?
It is helpful when the donor is made aware of the samples that are being collected and the reasons why. This helps to prevent any distress for the donor and allows the sample collection to run smoothly.

Usually, two hair samples are collected from the scalp, each approximately a pencil width of hair, from the crown of the scalp. There are cases where more hair may be required as the weight and texture of hair varies from one individual to another. If the hair is being tested for Spice, psychoactive substances or steroids, more samples need to be collected. In cases involving body hair, the sample sites will vary depending on the type of analysis that is required.

Our sample collectors are fully trained and understand the importance of collecting sufficient hair samples to undertake the requested analysis. Due to the nature of the analysis, we require a minimum weight of hair to successfully undertake the requested testing.

The weight of the hair sample is only obtained by accurately weighing the hair at our laboratory using very sensitive, accurate and calibrated scales. Our sample collectors are not able to establish the actual weight of the hair sample at the time of the sample collection.

We recommend that all donors provide prescriptions, details of medications and hair products used at the sample collection appointment, which ensures that such items are taken into consideration in the Expert Report. This helps to avoid delays with the testing and also reduces the need for questions regarding medication/hair products after the analysis has taken place.
With regard to blood samples, it is recommended that the donor is asked to keep hydrated before a blood sample is collected.