SCRAM™ Continuous Alcohol Testing

Scientifically proven technology for Continuous Alcohol Testing

  • Continuous Alcohol Testing profiling a day by day pattern of alcohol use – alcohol is automatically tested every 30 minutes of every day during the tested time period
  • The SCRAM bracelet is fitted and removed by a Lextox Collector – a fitting and removal appointment can be arranged immediately
  • Legal Aid Agency approved
  • Simple pricing – A single set fee for the tested time period
  • Clear and easy to understand reports identifying each alcohol event and instances of tampering or obstruction

Continuous Alcohol Testing

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing is an innovative way of testing a participants’ alcohol consumption over a period of time. The SCRAM bracelet allows for 24/7 alcohol testing through scientifically proven technology and is the first of its kind.

The use of a SCRAM alcohol testing bracelet is to provide information of alcohol consumption subsequent to the bracelet being fitted. The bracelet provides information regarding alcohol consumption every 30 minutes and could therefore be used to ascertain a detailed pattern of alcohol consumption over a period of time, for example 90 days, after fitting the bracelet. Whilst complete abstinence is unable to be confirmed, very low alcohol consumption for example 1-2 units can be determined.

In comparison, a hair alcohol test is useful in showing a historic profile of an individual’s chronic excessive alcohol consumption over a period of months.

Lextox will fit the bracelet to the participants’ ankle and it will typically be worn for 30, 60 or 90 days, which is useful to show periods of sobriety or if an individual is consuming alcohol during periods of contact. The SCRAM bracelet tests for alcohol which is excreted transdermally (through the skin) and is a non-invasive method for the detection of alcohol consumption. Every 30 days of the testing period our experts prepare a report detailing the alcohol consumption events or any attempts to tamper or obstruct the bracelet.

The SCRAM bracelet is able to distinguish the difference between consumed alcohol and external environmental sources such as the use of products containing alcohol.  It also contains tamper-proof technology that can detect attempts of tampering or obstruction.

For full details on exactly how the SCRAM bracelet works, watch this introduction video –

For more information or advice on SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing, please call us on 029 2048 4141 or email

Can the SCRAM bracelet detect the difference between consumed alcohol and external environmental factors?
Yes. The SCRAM bracelet tests the level of alcohol that is excreted through the skin of an individual, when this data is sent to be reported we will be able to differentiate between a alcohol consumption and environmental alcohol. An alcohol reading which peaks suddenly and sharply indicates that an environmental factor has caused the result. This is due to the fact that a 'normal' drinking event will show a gradual and curved reading as the alcohol level in the body slowly increases as the drinking event progresses.

How does the SCRAM bracelet detect tampering and/or obstruction events?
The bracelet is fitted with both temperature and infrared sensors which are able to detect when an object has been placed in between the ankle and the sensor.