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Test, detect and report | Scotland | Legal SOLS

Introducing Lextox’s bespoke test, detect and report pre-screen services

We understand that no two family law cases are the same, which is why we have created our new test, detect and report service, allowing you to simplify and tailor our extensive offering into a streamlined pre-screen package that best suits your needs.

The detection and understanding of both non-detected and detected compounds are crucial to family law cases, therefore, you can now instruct testing for a combination of targeted substances and we will automatically pre-screen the sample against the remaining full drug panel. Any positive results will then be added to the final analysis report.

Our test, detect and report is also a great add-on to our current markers service so no matter your requirements, your dedicated client manager will ensure a hassle-free service and the analysis that best supports your case.

Choose the best option to suit your needs.

Test, detect and report

Testing with full analysis and a legally defensible expert report for the custom combination of drugs required
Full analysis and report on any other drugs found during the testing process without the need to instruct us further, saving you time and hassle.

Test and detect

Testing for any combination of drugs needed, with full analysis and legally defensible report.
We carry out analysis for the remaining substances on our common drugs panel, if additional substances are found to those you have instructed, you can pay an additional fee to add these to your expert report.

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