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Bitesize Webinar Series

Throughout May and June, Lextox will be hosting a series of ‘Bitesize’ webinars that will focus on all areas of our business – from the testing options that we offer, information on the sample collection process, our expert reports, important information about our quality procedures and what to expect from a dedicated client manager.

Each of these sessions will last 20-30 minutes and more information on each can be found below:

Drug & Alcohol Testing for Family Law – Your Options Explained

In our first webinar of the series, Liam Feasey, Quality and Business Services Manager at Lextox will take you through the testing options that Lextox provide.

  • Hair drug and alcohol testing
  • Blood alcohol testing
  • SCRAM Continuous alcohol testing

Date: Wednesday 11th May 2022 at 10AM

Watch the recording here

Sample Collections – How to Prepare your Donor and the Importance of Chain of Custody

In our second webinar of the series, Eowyn Hanna (Sales Compliance Manager) and Adele French (Sample Collector Trainer) will discuss our Guide to Sample Collections, the importance of chain of custody and will take you through our FAQs regarding sample collections.

  • Preparing your donor for hair, blood and DNA sample collection
  • Legally defensible results – the importance of the chain of custody
  • FAQs

Date: Wednesday 18th May 2022 at 10AM

Watch the recording here

Reading and Understanding Drug & Alcohol Test Reports

Our third webinar will focus on our expert reporting and will be hosted by Donna Muldoon, Reporting Scientist Manager at Lextox. In this webinar you will hear information regarding our Expert Reports, Certificates of Analysis (CofA) and understanding the results.

  • Your report options
  • The Certificate of Analysis
  • The Expert Report
  • Understanding the results
  • FAQs

Date: Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 10AM

Watch the recording here

Quality – Ensuring Accuracy of Results

In the fourth webinar of this series, you will once more hear from Liam Feasey, Quality and Business Services Manager at Lextox. In this webinar, Liam will explain the controls in place to ensure reliable results and the significance of accreditation.

  • Ensuring reliable results
  • Understanding accreditation
  • Quality processes

Date: Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at 10AM

Watch the recording here

The Client Experience – What to Expect from your Dedicated Client Manager

In our final webinar of the series, Client Managers Natalie Said and Claire Hutchings will take you through the instructing process and explain what you can expect from your dedicated client manager.

  • Guide to the instruction process
  • Your dedicated client manger
  • What’s next?

Date: Wednesday 20th July 2022 at 10AM

Watch the recording here

Published 25/04/22 – All information correct at time of publication