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Can the Use of Hand Sanitiser Affect Alcohol Results?

In response to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, many of our normal hygiene practices have changed dramatically.  We understand that undergoing hair drug and alcohol testing can be unnerving at any time but we want to provide a little reassurance on the use of hand sanitisers. The use of hand sanitisers, even ones that contain alcohol, will not affect or give rise to positive results here at Lextox.

Lextox test for two alcohol markers ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and ethyl palmitate (EtPA). EtG is formed within the body in the liver, as such this is a very specific marker. While EtPa can be elevated by the use of products containing alcohol, as long as the product is used as per the manufactures guideline i.e. on the hand and not directly applied to the hair or consumed, then the use of hand sanitiser, even excessively will not affect your client’s alcohol test.

Similarly, the use of hand sanitisers will not affect blood tests undertaken either as again, this product is not consumed.

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Published 27/07/20 – All information correct at time of publication