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Expert Advice and Guidance

At Lextox it’s our aim (and the reason many clients choose to instruct us) to make drug and alcohol testing for child protection cases as easy as possible. From providing advice on the right choice of test, to the interpretation of results, our Experts are able to share their extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver a responsive service and reliable results.

Selecting the Right Test for Your Case

With so many testing options available, how do you know which test is right for your case?

Our dedicated Client Support team are able to discuss the testing options with you in order to help you understand the best option for your case. The team are also able to provide you with guidance on time frames, to ensure that the testing covers the period that you require.

Interpreting Results

Our Expert Reports interpret and explain test results clearly and succinctly to help you make critical decisions. However, should you have any queries on the results upon receiving the Expert Report, our team of Experts are able to answer these for you. Questions can be put in writing and emailed to [email protected], ideally quoting the laboratory sample number. Alternatively, a phone call can be arranged with one of our Experts to discuss the results.

Written responses from our Experts will be on Lextox branded stationary, enabling you to submit this additional information to the court, if required.

Our UK based team have the crucial laboratory experience that underpins their knowledge. The team have several years of experience in analysing samples and undertaking biological extraction and assessment techniques in accordance with ISO 17025 UKAS testing standards, which compliments their scientific degrees. All of our Experts are members of the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT) and contribute to the internationally agreed consensus on recommendations for hair testing.

Our Experts are also able to attend court, currently online, their breadth of knowledge provides confidence in their ability to withstand cross contamination in court. They are Bond Solon trained and are able to use their experience and knowledge to provide sound forensic toxicology advice for your case. To arrange a court appearance, click here.

What are the Benefits?

Over 12,000 family law solicitors choose Lextox because of the quality of our people. Advice and guidance on the right test at the start of the process saves time and money, while the ability to query results and have one of our Experts attend court provides you with confidence in the results.

If you have any queries on a case email [email protected] or call 029 2048 4141.

Published 214/08/20 – All information correct at time of publication