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Client Education

At Lextox, we’re committed to delivering responsive, reliable results. One way we achieve this is through client education.

Whether you are new to family law and hair drug and alcohol testing or looking to refresh your knowledge, we provide a range of options to remain up to date with the latest information in a way and at a time that suits you.


Our online content can be read or viewed at a time convenient to you.

The majority of our blogs are based on client queries and the response to these by our Experts.

If you are looking for the differences between hair alcohol testing vs blood alcohol testing, information on emerging drugs such as fentanyl or psychoactive substances or want to understand more about reporting cut-off levels, visit the blog page on our website.

If you are a visual learner, our webinars (or online events) can be watched live or on demand.

Held quarterly, webinars are presented by our scientific Experts. Again, topics are usually client generated and cover a range of subjects including hair drug testing – your most frequently asked questions, determining alcohol misuse – your options explained and what needs to happen to deliver legally defensible results.

If you are unable to join us online on the day, webinars are recorded and can be viewed at the comfort of your desk (for approximately 20 – 30 minutes) via our YouTube channel.

In Person

Throughout the year Lextox attends a number of family law events across the country, including the Solicitor’s Group, Resolution, Association of Lawyers for Children and Bloomsbury.

In person events provide a great opportunity to catch up with clients face to face and to answer any questions there and then.

To find out where you can meet the Lextox team, visit the events page of our website.

Our CPD seminars allow judges, barristers and solicitors to raise questions relating to the use of drug and alcohol testing in child protection casework, while equipping them with the knowledge to instruct appropriate testing.

Seminars last approximately one hour and cover the benefits and limitations of hair drug testing and its use in family law; best practice in hair alcohol testing and its appropriateness for court; hair growth rates, profile of drug use and the importance of metabolites.

Held at our client’s offices or barrister’s chambers, our in-house seminars provide an opportunity to seek clarification on case specific queries, time to meet and develop relationships with your own clients and can be used as part of CPD learning activities.

For more information or to book a seminar, visit the CPD area of our website.

Finally, to stay up to date with the latest news and education from Lextox, follow-us on LinkedIn or Twitter where you can find a full schedule of events and access published blogs.

Published 05/04/19 – All information correct at time of publication