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Drug and Alcohol Testing in Children Court Cases

Sometimes drug and alcohol testing in children court cases is necessary to protect a child from exposure to persons abusing alcohol or taking illegal substances. Several tests are available to determine whether this is the case, including hair drug testing, hair alcohol testing, blood alcohol testing, and SCRAM continuous alcohol testing. The decision on which test will depend on the substance being tested for and the detection time frame.

How Does Drug and Alcohol Testing in Children Court Cases Work?

A drug or alcohol test would be required in children’s court cases to safeguard a child or children and to assess the environment and living conditions they are exposed to when being looked after.

If it is believed, or there is an accusation, that a child or children are being looked after by a person or persons abusing alcohol or taking illegal substances that alter their ability to care for the child, the court will order drug or alcohol testing.

The court will consider many factors before ordering drug or alcohol testing. A court-ordered drug test aims to prove or disprove that the individual in question is drug or alcohol-free.

How to Choose a Laboratory for Drug and Alcohol Testing in Children Court Cases?

When choosing a laboratory to carry out drug and alcohol testing for children’s court cases, selecting a trusted laboratory ISO 17025 UKAS accredited and regulated is essential. Court-ordered drug or alcohol tests are legal tests used as evidence in a court of law, so they must be carried out under specific instructions.

For children’s court cases, there must be a transparent chain of custody procedure provided and followed by the testing company. This procedure ensures there is no risk of contamination to the sample and that results will be accurate.

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Published 12/12/22 – All information correct at time of publication