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Ensuring Correct Hair and Blood Sample Collections


At Lextox, we provide drug, alcohol and DNA testing services for family law cases and childcare proceedings. In our ISO 17025 UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory (No. 7516), we follow strict quality assurance procedures to deliver legally defensible Analysis Results and Expert Reports which are accepted in every UK family court. Trusted by more than 17,000 family law solicitors and local authorities to deliver a responsive service and reliable results.

The Importance of the Sample Collector Role

At Lextox, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our Sample Collectors. Our Sample Collectors are trained to collect samples professionally, sensitively and sympathetically to ensure minimal discomfort for the donor. Our collection process is an integral aspect of the whole sample analysis process. To ensure the analysis is successful, it is imperative the sample collection is right first time. Each Sample Collector plays a critical part in the trusted service that we are able to provide to our clients and being able to provide reassurance to the donor at all sample collection appointments.

The Importance of Preparation and Suitable Equipment

Using the correct equipment

All Sample Collectors attending sample collection appointments for Lextox are equipped with all the necessary equipment to enable the professional collection of hair, blood and DNA samples to enable drug, alcohol and DNA analysis. Our Samples Collectors will specifically check whether there are any medical or safety related concerns at the collection location before proceeding. In addition, they will also have access to a number of different PPE measures which will enable (when required) the protection of the wellbeing of the donor, any witness if in attendance and the Sample Collector themselves.

Maintaining Chain of Custody

All samples are collected by our Sample Collectors under strict chain of custody procedures to ensure the result is legally defensible for use in court. All donors will be required to provide consent (including signature) for the required sample analysis and will also be asked for a photograph to be taken at the time of the sample collection. All documentation will be completed in full in the presence of the donor to ensure complete transparency and reliability of the work completed at the sample collection appointment. With a strict chain of custody procedure in place including documentation, robust sample labelling and a stringent sample packaging protocol to protect the collected sample during sample transit, we ensure the integrity of all samples from the collection appointment onwards.

Chain of custody record keeping

Peace of Mind

By choosing Lextox, our clients and donors can have peace of mind knowing that any sample collection appointments are in the hands of experienced, trained and suitably equipped Sample Collectors who will always act professionally at all times as the primary public face of Lextox on a daily basis. Our sample collectors are dedicated to following a strict clearly defined process to ensure only essential accurate donor data is captured to support both robust sample collection integrity and sample analysis upon receipt in the laboratory.

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Published 30/08/23 – All information correct at time of publication