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Happy New Year from Lextox!

We’d like to take this time to thank all of our loyal clients for instructing us for Drug, Alcohol and DNA testing cases in 2017. Last year was an excellent year for us and we hope that the same can be said for you too!

In 2017, we grew our client base by almost 3,000, further proving that we are one of the UK’s most trusted providers of drug, alcohol and DNA testing for family law cases and childcare proceedings.

Last year we achieved some great things so we thought we would take this chance to share some of our highlights with you –

  • We gave you an insight into what happens behind the scenes here at our laboratory in June when we released our corporate video. We took viewers through the internal processes of hair testing and introduced you to some of our most qualified and experienced team.
  • In August we became part of the SYNLAB group; this meant joining a global business operating across more than 35 countries on 4 continents. This has deepened our expertise and client offerings in existing and new markets.
  • During the same month we announced the launch of our Online Education Series. This consisted of a series of webinars which takes delegates through the fundamentals of drug, alcohol and DNA testing for child protection cases. You can view the webinars that we have already recorded here.
  • In September we became the only UK laboratory to offer hair testing for pregabalin and gabapentin. Both drugs are currently under review by the government in what is likely to be a reclassification of them to illegal Class C substances.
  • The year ended on a high when, in October, the Honourable Mr Justice Peter Jackson endorsed hair strand testing for family law cases, reinforcing the importance of hair testing in family law and childcare casework.

As you can see, it has been a great year for us and we are looking forward to sharing some more exciting activities with you during the year ahead.

We hope that the coming year is prosperous and successful for you and hope that you will get in touch soon to get your competitively priced case specific quotation to start the year off!

Contact us on [email protected] or 029 2048 4141.

Published 03/01/18 – All information correct at time of publication