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Potential Manipulation of Test Results at Competitor Laboratories

In relation to the ongoing investigation into potential test result manipulation and the recent statement issued by Mr Nick Hurd, Minister of State for Policing and the Fire Service at the House of Commons, Lextox would like to confirm our understanding and position as one of the UK’s leading hair testing laboratories.

Investigation Limited to Two Private Companies

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that hair test results from laboratories other than those being investigated are not believed to be affected.

We can confirm and would like to reassure clients, that we have full confidence that all of our results are legally defensible and have full traceability.

At this stage, there is no evidence to suggest that results of hair tests carried out by our competitors, which had been instructed for the purpose of family court cases, have been affected by the potential security breach.

In his statement, Mr Hurd confirmed that it is “unlikely that decisions about the welfare of children will have been taken solely on the basis of toxicology test results”.

High Court Endorses Hair Strand Testing

It’s important to highlight that the science behind and use of hair strand testing in family law cases is not being questioned.

Earlier this year, Lextox chose to intervene in a one-off high court case in which the judge assessed the reliability of hair drug testing.

The Honourable Mr Justice Peter Jackson examined hair testing in significant detail and concluded that it is both reliable and necessary within family law proceedings, as well as confirming that Lextox are well qualified as leading experts in the field.

Notably, Mr Justice Peter Jackson confirmed the following –

  • Hair strand tests provide important information for family law and childcare proceedings.
  • Our Expert was recognised as having “enormous experience of giving opinions on hair strand tests” and their submissions were “evidence-based and carefully considered”.
  • Lextox has the necessary accreditation, and regularly submits its procedures for appropriate external validation.

Lextox – Delivering Legally Defensible Results

Unlike some of our competitors, our hair drug and alcohol analysis is conducted at our in-house, UK based laboratory where samples are analysed by our own team of scientifically qualified and professionally trained technicians.

We have the UK’s largest team of laboratory based Expert Witnesses specialising in hair drug and alcohol testing for family law, which includes some of the most experienced scientists in the industry.

Our Experts are all members of the Society of Hair Testing and routinely give evidence in court. Their thorough training, experience and expertise are some of the many reasons that Lextox has never had a test result overturned in court.

For More Information

If you think you may be affected by the current investigation, please refer to the guidance provided by the Ministry of Justice.

If you are a Lextox client and need further reassurance, or have any questions regarding your instructions, then please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to detail our strict chain of custody and quality assurance procedures.

In addition, if you require any assistance in relation to previous analysis undertaken by another laboratory, we are on hand to help with potential case reviews and re-testing. Email [email protected] or call 029 2048 4141.

Published 01/12/17 – All information correct at time of publication