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Turnaround Times: Delivering fast results, without compromising accuracy

At Lextox we understand the importance of meeting your deadlines.  It’s one of the reasons we were established – to reduce the turnaround time for hair drug and alcohol testing, while improving the level of service for clients.

We’re proud to have reduced the turnaround time, from what was an industry standard of 10 working days, to just 4 working days or less.  This is for both Analysis Results and Expert Reports.

Want to know how we achieve this, without compromising accuracy, reliability or our service levels, for over 7000 clients across the UK?  Read on …

1. Our People

At Lextox, every client has a dedicated Client Manager and client support team, who manage their cases from start to finish.  The client support teams know what’s going on in their client’s regions and with their particular case, so can respond quickly to our client’s needs.

Our reporting scientists are based in our UK laboratory. They are scientifically qualified and work closely with the laboratory team responsible for processing results.

It’s our aim to make our Expert Reports as clear and easy to understand as possible.  In the event that clients do need to query anything within reports, we provide direct access to our Experts responsible for writing the report and usually at no extra cost.

While it may sound cheesy, we recruit the best. Our team are committed to meeting client case deadlines and quality standards.  Reports are written by our Experts who have over 50 years combined experience, and are the most experienced laboratory based Experts in the UK.

2. Our Location

Having a UK based laboratory keeps turnaround times to a minimum.

While our laboratory is based in Cardiff, South Wales, we have a UK wide sample collector network.  This means we have trained professionals in your area, who can collect hair, blood and DNA samples within 48 hours of the collection being booked.

3. Our Processes

Our Laboratory Director has been developing and implementing methods for the detection of substances in hair, specifically for family law and child care proceedings, for over 12 years. In this time, he’s managed to perfect the process, in the fastest time possible.

We invest in and use the latest, innovative laboratory equipment to undertake the analysis.

And our ISO 17025 UKAS accredited laboratory works to right first time processes and quality assurance procedures, meaning our reports are accepted in every UK family court.

Looking for a reliable laboratory to deliver fast results, without compromising accuracy?  Talk to one of our Experts, call 029 2048 4141 or email [email protected].

Published 08/11/17 – All information correct at time of publication