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How Does DNA and Drug Testing Work?

DNA testing has revolutionised various fields, such as criminal justice, healthcare and family law. By analysing DNA samples, scientists and experts can identify the intricate genetic code that is unique to each individual, providing invaluable insights and evidence. Lextox has extensive experience in DNA testing for family law, where it plays a crucial role in making decisions for the safety and well-being of children.

How Does DNA Testing Work?

DNA testing involves the analysis of specific regions within an individual’s DNA to reveal unique genetic markers. A laboratory then compares these markers to establish relationships and identify genetic traits. A laboratory can perform DNA tests from various samples, including blood, hair, skin, amniotic fluid and other tissue.

DNA Testing for Family Law

DNA testing is pivotal in establishing or confirming biological relationships in family law. The different types of DNA testing for family law that we carry out here at Lextox are paternity testing, maternity testing, prenatal testing, sibling testing, grandparentage tests and avuncular testing (to determine an aunt or uncle).

Many of our clients use DNA legal test results to settle family law matters, such as childcare proceedings, child custody and visitation disputes and adoption cases. Additionally, results can also be used in the process of resolving inheritance disputes and satisfying immigration requirements.

At Lextox, our expert team can provide clients with legally defensible DNA paternity and relationship test results in an average of 4 working days. We undertake these tests at our quality-assured Ministry of Justice and ISO 17025 accredited partner laboratory, conforming with section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act of 1969.

With Lextox, we assign you a dedicated Client Manager to manage your case from start to finish to provide an unparalleled commitment to meeting your deadlines. We can arrange sample collection appointments immediately with collection within just 48 hours. This quick turnaround can be extremely helpful in cases where there is time pressure.

Drug Testing

When it comes to drug testing, Lextox carries our hair testing and provides legally defensible analysis results and expert reports accepted in every UK family court. We are an ISO 17025 UKAS-accredited testing laboratory for a wide range of drugs in hair.

When a drug enters the body, it is transported through the bloodstream, including into the hair follicles. As an individual’s hair grows, it has trace amounts of drugs in the hair shaft. Our experts can then analyse hair samples to detect these trace amounts of drugs and their metabolites, which are substances produced by the body when a drug is taken and can be used to show direct usage. From our laboratory analysis, we can then provide an expert interpretation of the levels of drugs detected.

If you need more information about how DNA testing works, DNA testing for family law or drug testing, our team are here to help. Get in touch by calling 029 2048 4141 or emailing [email protected], and a team member will be in touch shortly.

Published 05/06/23 – All information correct at time of publication