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Interpreting the Results from Legal Drug Testing

Knowing how to read and interpret legal drug testing results is vital in using the results to determine the next steps, especially in cases of family law and childcare proceedings.

At Lextox, we know how important it is that results can be interpreted clearly and efficiently by anyone who reads them. We write our expert reports so they can be understood and interpreted by anyone, with results broken down into simple-to-digest information.

Our expert reports will tell you whether any drugs were detected in the sample. For example, in the case of hair testing for drugs and substance abuse, the results will show whether the individual has been using drugs such as antidepressants, ecstasy, cannabis, ketamine, cocaine, LSD, methadone, opiates and much more.

When it comes to hair testing for drugs and substances of abuse, it’s important to note that whilst results can show the presence, or lack of, specific drugs and substances; there are some things they cannot specify. Results cannot show how a substance was ingested, what quantity was consumed, or what day or time a substance was taken.

The Lextox Client Journey

You can order a specific test from Lextox over the phone, online or by email in just five minutes, and once we receive an order from you, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Client Support Team, who will manage your case from start to finish. They’ll provide updates on the progress of results and are on hand to answer any questions.

Once we receive your sample at our UKAS-accredited laboratory, our scientifically educated and trained laboratory technicians perform laboratory analysis. Once the analysis is complete, our laboratory-based reporting scientists will interpret the results and provide you with a certificate of analysis or expert report. This report is created by legal drug testing specialists with more than 100 years of combined experience and knowledge.

These reports provide a clear interpretation of the test results; however, if you have any questions, you can contact our experts directly to discuss them. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and can answer any questions you may have about anything contained within the results.

Lextox has a chain of procedures that we follow to ensure our results are defensible in a court of law. Our expert reporting scientists can even attend court to explain the testing results, including the sample analysis and complete chain of custody.

At Lextox, we are proud to be legal drug testing specialists and have been for more than ten years. We provide hair drug and alcohol testing, blood alcohol testing, DNA testing and SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Testing services for family law cases and childcare proceedings.

Contact our team today if you have questions or want more information about Lextox and our range of services. Give us a call on 029 2048 4141 or email [email protected], and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

Published 14/10/22 – All information correct at time of publication