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Lextox – Your ‘COVID-Safe’ Partner

‘COVID-safe’ – a statement that didn’t exist this time last year, but one we have all become familiar with over the last 12 months. Just as there are different ways people reference the term (‘COVID-safe’, ‘COVID-secure or ‘COVID-mitigated’), the meaning of the term is also open for interpretation.

At Lextox, we want to be clear about what the term(s) means to our business and the importance we give them in a bid to protect our employees, clients and donors.

Last year we took steps to make our offices and laboratories as ‘COVID-secure’ as possible, investing in hardware and software to enable as many of our team as possible to work from home. Investment also went into additional office and laboratory space so we are able to meet 2 metre social distancing requirements. These steps remain in place to keep our employees ‘COVID-safe’.

When it comes to collecting hair, blood and DNA samples, our team of trained Sample Collectors continue to collect samples hygienically and carefully. We have implemented a number of additional measures so that we are in a position to offer our clients ‘COVID-mitigated’ sample collection appointments:

  • Our sample collection team continues to be fully equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which meets government guidelines for the type of collections we undertake
  • When booking sample collection appointments, we are asking clients and donors specific questions to clarify any potential risk before the collection goes ahead. These include whether the donor or any witnesses:
  • have been diagnosed with the virus or are awaiting test results
    • are displaying symptoms of the virus
    • are currently self-isolating
  • While most sample collections continue to take place within 48 hours of instructing Lextox, our Sample Collector will ask the same questions on arrival at the collection location in case there has been any change in circumstances
  • In the event that we are made aware of any potential COVID exposure to a Sample Collector, we will contact the instructing party as soon as possible – no collections go ahead when there is any known risk
  • In support of the above point and to keep our team, donors and any witnesses safe, we now offer all of our Sample Collectors a supply of COVID-19 PCR swab test kits. The kits can be used to carry out regular testing or in the event of suspected exposure to the virus

Whether you use the term ‘COVID-safe’, ‘COVID-secure’ or ‘COVID-mitigated’, rest assured that at Lextox, we’re committed to all of them.

For more information or to arrange a sample collection appointment, please contact our team on 029 2048 4141 or via an email to [email protected].

Published 09/02/21 – All information correct at time of publication