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Our DNA Service Just Got Even Better

We’re pleased to announce that our DNA testing service just got even better.  Next time you book an instruction for DNA testing with Lextox you can benefit from faster results, an improved collection method and save both time and money, without compromising quality or accuracy.

Faster results

The first thing to note is that we’ve reduced the turnaround time for paternity, maternity, sibling, avuncular and grandparent testing from 5 or more working days (depending on the type of analysis) to 3.

Analysis results will now be issued within 3 working days for all cases from receipt of the sample at the laboratory.

An improved collection method

We have a new way of collecting DNA samples. Our Collection Technicians now use a forensic swab which is:

  • Less invasive for donors, as only one oral swab is used.
  • Produced under the most stringent hygienic purity conditions, the swab is individually wrapped and undergoes a special EtO sterilisation procedure prior to use.
  • Packaged in a transport tube with a ventilation membrane. The transport tube has an identification code for correct matching and is tamper proof. The membrane facilitates a self-drying process, protecting the swab against contamination.

Time and cost savings

The extraction and storage methods used allow for unlimited re-tests to be taken from the original profile up to 2 years after sample collection.

In the event that a second test is required, the original sample can be re-used saving collection time and charges.

What hasn’t changed?

While we’ve improved some aspects of our DNA testing service, we decided to keep others! Lextox clients can continue to expect:

  • Sample collection appointments to be arranged immediately and collection usually within 48 hours’ notice
  • Legally defensible results issued by a quality assured Ministry of Justice accredited laboratory working to ISO 17025:2017 standards
  • Pricing in accordance with LAA codified rates

More information on our DNA testing services or to arrange a quotation or sample collection, please call us on 029 2048 4141 or email [email protected].

Published 18/11/19 – All information correct at time of publication