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Camp – Nailing Your Testing Needs

Introducing Nail Drug and Alcohol Testing

Lextox are pleased to offer nail testing as an alternative solution to hair analysis when scalp or body hair is unable to be collected. We now offer Nail Drug and Alcohol Testing to help ensure that you are covered for all of your drug and alcohol testing needs.

How Does Nail Testing Work?

Nails are comprised of the same biological material that makes up hair, keratin, and grow on average at a rate of 3mm per month. When drugs or alcohol are consumed, they enter the blood stream; any drug, metabolite or alcohol marker EtG present in the blood stream are incorporated into the nail, in a similar way to the incorporation into hair.

Due to the way nails grow and the available nail that can be collected, i.e., the amount of free nail at the end of the nail that can be clipped, the analysis can only be undertaken on an overview basis. A fingernail clipping can cover up to approximately 6 months of substance use history, whereas a toenail can cover up to 12-18 months use. We can detect the standard 17 drug panel we test for in hair, excluding NPS, spice, steroids and anti-epileptics. The alcohol marker EtG can be tested in nail samples for alcohol testing, alongside our recommended blood alcohol tests.

Nail Testing Explained

  • Nails have the same biological material as hair, therefore when drugs or alcohol are consumed they enter the blood stream and are incorporated into the nail.
  • Provides an overview analysis of up to approximately 6 months for fingernails and 12-18 months for toenails.
  • Nail clippings must be 2-3mm and amount to around 10mg.
  • Analysis results and Expert Reports issued by our own Reporting Scientists who hold over 100 years experience in drug and alcohol testing.
  • Competitive pricing in accordance with LAA codified rates

Please ensure that your client is not diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease or diabetes for toenail collection.

Contact your dedicated Client Manager who can help assist with any of your drug and alcohol testing needs.

Any Questions?

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